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smart EuroTraining


smart Europe GmbH


Our task.

smart has been attacking the global electric vehicle market since 2022 with a new ownership structure and revised brand identity. The European sales team took part in the smart EuroTraining for the new brand and the first new product – the smart #1 – to inspire and train sustainably.

Our idea.

At the same time, the participants should be excited and provided with emotional stories that would convey the transformation of the brand in the sales conversation. Against this background, a storytelling framework was initially created with the fictional location FUTURIA, which provided the creative basis for all participants' touchpoints with the event.


Our job.

The smart EuroTraining was designed as a classic back-to-back format in lunch-to-lunch mode. We have identified Lisbon as the perfect location for the future-positive brand. Within the city, the pulsating microcosm “LX Factory” was used as a symbol of FUTURIA. On site, the focus was on the experience as a means of transport for the new brand and its values.

Authentically inspire and create identification with a setup that appears compact and superficially simple, but at the same time is elegant and, above all, perfectly integrated into its environment. The technology, in the spirit of FUUTRIA, is surprising and groundbreaking.




Our task.

If your sales figures skyrocket in so little time, you need to ensure a supply of perfectly trained salespeople. National and international. For Mercedes-AMG, the assignment was to develop and implement scalable sales training that conveys extensive knowledge with driving and theoretical units, while consolidating identification with the brand.

Our idea.

A concept characterized by efficiency and emotions encompassing web-based training, as well as national and international driving and technology training. Networked, modular and building on each other. A system to raise the sales team’s enthusiasm and expertise to a new level. And, of course, in top time.


Our job.

First in Affalterbach, then the whole world. We bring over 500 future sales experts to the AMG headquarters every year. After all, you can't get any closer to the brand than there. First-hand experience of development and production, along with direct exchange with the "performance" specialists, is supported by theoretical and active driving modules. Moving up the career ladder, we organize performance training for some 600 sales representatives on an international racetrack and on guided trips every year. Here, too, the focus is specifically on theory and practice. But above all, it’s about powerful emotions and the passion for a very special brand.

Sales Trainigs


Authentic Beauty Concept


Our task.
How can a new, lifestyle-oriented, vegan premium cosmetic brand be authentically anchored in the heart of its target group? We took on this challenge – together with our long-term client Henkel AG & Co. KGaA – as part of the launch campaign for the newly created Authentic Beauty Concept brand.

Our idea.

A two-part, experience-oriented concept with two different objectives: on the one hand, to generate visibility for the brand in a target group-relevant environment and, on the other, to engage in conversation with industry experts and strengthen the brand community. The idea was to create a temporary brand and shop experience in a first step and to organize a community event in a second step, where like-minded people can experience the brand and its lifestyle, and discuss the products.


Our job.


In the BIKINI Mall in Berlin, for example, we implemented the world's first Authentic Beauty Concept Pop-Up Store, which was opened in collaboration with brand ambassador Said Rubaii, and where visitors could not only experience the brand with all their senses but also be professionally styled.

At the Authentic Beauty Concept Community Event in Munich, we designed an inspiring day for 150 hair stylists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a variety of product-specific workshops, yoga sessions, vegan cooking and photography courses. An extension of the experience via our client's social media channels ensured an impressive reach.





Our task.
For the 125th anniversary, a ceremony had to be designed for 400 guests of honor. This should take place at the KUKA location in Augsburg and integrate celebrities from politics and business and offer informative factory tours and an exciting and varied evening program for the invited customers and partners.

Our idea.


A varied afternoon with guided tours through robot production and development, with surprising highlights such as a ride on the KUKA coaster or a table tennis match against brand ambassador Timo Boll, offered top-class entertainment. This was rounded off in the evening with a gala dinner with speeches from the Bavarian Prime Minister, the Chinese ambassador and KUKA board members, as well as numerous artistic and musical shows.


Our job.

The challenge was to make ideal logistical and staging use of the facility's maximum capacity, without affecting the company's day-to-day business. It was not only important to do justice to the participants and protagonists, but also to comply with the sensitive factory regulations regarding safety and fire protection. A balancing act that was accomplished perfectly thanks to excellent preparatory work and detailed planning.





Our task.
Every three years, the 500 international DEKRA top managers come together for a two-day strategy exchange at the Global Management Meeting. But not during a pandemic. So how do you stimulate exchange, knowledge transfer and networking while staging the company in an innovative way – using ‘only’ a digital format?

Our idea.


Instead of a singular touchpoint, we designed an interactive, 10-day communication journey. Various networking sessions, an innovative kick-off format and a browser-based 3D environment, in which diverse strategy content had to be explored, invited the worldwide participants to discover and experience. The highlight was the awe-inspiring conclusion: a varied and interactive 4-hour live stream event.


Our job.

We worked closely and co-creatively with our client from the very first phase of concept development all the way through to post-event follow-up. For the execution, we not only designed the dramaturgy of the communication journey, we also developed an exciting, digital platform, produced the 3D environment and implemented the final format in a streaming studio.

The result: Delighted, inspired participants and a client who, together with us, managed to bring their well-established top management format into the digital age.



ZET and Handelsblatt


A forward-thinking, future-oriented brand at a progressive festival that stands for positivity and joy of life. Sounds like a match. We should successfully transfer the great tradition of the smart times Festival with all its good memories into a new format that fits the new smart era. The goal: to create awareness of the new "face" of smart, but also to respect the legacy by celebrating "25 years of smart".

Our idea.


The Glücksfühle Festival seems to be a very good platform for this. We want to offer invited guests a comprehensive smart experience in a relaxed environment that reflects the brand values, leaving them with a lasting impression and creating a long-term, positive bond with the brand. At the same time, we want to present the other festival visitors with an exciting and pleasant first contact with the new smart, which arouses interest and sympathy and introduces them to the values in a game between seriousness and a relaxed festival atmosphere.


Our job.

The sponsorship, the exclusivity claims for various areas, name sponsorships and the close networking with the organizers and their celebrities already create an omnipresence of the brand at the festival and ensure a high level of awareness. Now it was necessary to complement and enrich this with clever and creative approaches in the areas of content, branding, entertainment and sampling that offer festival visitors real added value.





Our task.

Outdoing themselves – again and again. For 14 years. That is the job of the AMG Driving Academy. And ours is to continuously advance the quality and quantity of this brand experience platform and to lead the fascination for AMG to ever new heights.

Our idea.

It’s all about growth. Why not capitalize on the full potential of the AMG Driving Academy to develop an entire range of experiences from a single event? With a comprehensive customer journey and many contact points that bring the spirit of the brand to life for as many of its admirers and fans as possible.


Our job.

Almost from the word go, we were one of the initiators who have significantly developed “the World's Fastest Family” to its current scope.

We succeeded in making a decisive contribution to growing a few 100 participants into several thousand in a short time, and to expanding a few events to some 700 event days per year. On ice and snow and on world-famous racetracks, on the most beautiful roads on the globe and far away from them, we helped profile and shape the AMG Driving Academy.

TM Henkel




Our task.

Henkel expects nothing less than the extraordinary from its top management. And the same from us when it comes to their conferences. In addition to spectacular locations and innovative event formats, the focus in this case was on outstanding logistics and perfect coordination.

Our idea.

Experiencing and feeling uniqueness in every detail. In front of and behind the scenes of Shanghai, New York, Amsterdam or Berlin. Enjoying exclusive insights into local highlights in both culture and business.


Our job.

We are our own most reliable guarantee of quality.

And it was with this in mind that we scouted all locations and local partners ourselves over a period of several weeks. Personal visits and contacts led us to the best addresses, to local insider tips, the most reliable partners and, ultimately, to the best conditions. After all, our customers also expect a masterpiece when it comes to their budget.




Our task.

1 400 new employees were hired to produce the first Porsche electric vehicle. But how do you resolve the apparent contradiction between the performance brand and electromobility – all while making them fit for their challenge with the new Taycan?

Our idea.

A four-day interactive training program that not only covered the Porsche legend, but also the entire ecosystem of new mobility. With questions ranging from current megatrends that drive developments in the field of mobility to explaining why an electric Porsche is not a contradiction to the iconic brand, but rather the logical consequence to how electric motors and batteries work.


Our job.

1 400 people experienced state-of-the-art training in over 90 waves over four eight-hour days: with ‘escape rooms’ in which the competitive strategies could be experienced, along with fascinating exhibits on the history of the Porsche brand and racing simulations that always made the participants want even more. We succeeded in not only getting the participants excited about their new task, we also turned skeptics into burning electrical enthusiasts.

Taycan WQ


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles


Our task.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles regularly offers its cooperating body manufacturers from the camping sector "motorhome expertise" as a platform to present their latest variants to the German-speaking trade press. To this end, we had to find a suitable location for the topic, one that also works in poor weather conditions and is ideally located for both the press and exhibitors. 

Our idea.

An idyllically located winery with huge outdoor spaces, as well as inviting barns for bad weather – not far from the relevant traffic intersections – to make the journey from northern Germany, as well as from Austria and Switzerland, comfortable and convenient for everyone involved. 


Our job.

Combining idyllic camping and a perfect infrastructure – all under restricted Covid19 conditions. The 16 body manufacturers were given an exceptionally welcoming and picturesque set-up for their vehicle presentations. The extensive area made it possible for all exhibitors and the press representatives from the DACH region to finally enjoy a great experience in a safe environment after a long ‘live break’ – not least thanks to a sophisticated sanitary concept. A resounding success for everyone involved.  



Mercedes-Benz Classic


Our task.

The Mille Miglia – the most famous classic car rally in the world – was the setting for one of our most exclusive assignments: looking after the 18 Mercedes-Benz racing teams consisting of members of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, brand ambassadors, journalists as well as top customers and VIPs – both in advance of the event and on site.

Our implementation.

A large team of experienced project managers has regularly accompanied this project over the years. Divided into the "hotel", "logistics" and "route" event facets, into early and late shifts and with the support of Italian-speaking colleagues, all hurdles were overcome on site and the participants were given a unique and memorable experience.


Our job.

We and our team ensured that everything ran smoothly over more than 1 600 kilometers over four days of racing and 24/7, so that the racing teams could concentrate on the rally and the breathtaking routes.

Mille Miglia
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