Highlighting your potential.
Our love of live communication is the key to our energy.
We face new challenges and together develop new and exciting solutions.
We make live communication proactively free or consistent after your briefing.

Developing, not just doing

As consultants, project managers and also co-creative partners, we design live communication both systematically after briefing and proactively based on impulse. Contemporary communication formats and agile project requirements can no longer be managed on the foundation of a classic “customer-supplier relationship.” Working closely with you, we touch the hearts and minds of your target group and turn the result into a long-term success.

Creating fun

We kick things off with strategy and creation, then move on to implementation. Project management is in our DNA. We are an efficient, international premium player. Teamwork is the crucial factor, whether it is with colleagues, clients, or project partners. It is what underpins our enthusiasm and energy.

zet:project. is an event agency in Stuttgart / Fasanenhof.

Focus on diversity

For many years, we have been realizing complex projects across a wide variety of industries – but we do not think in terms of formats, but rather assignments. This is why we tackled the new challenges faced by our customers – such as change management and new mobility – head on, from a very early stage. And together we are developing new and exciting solutions.

Since 2006 openness and a good sense for people and business opportunities have shaped the agency zet:project.

Thinking outside the box

To this day, the agency is headed by its founders, Meike and Volker Zetsche – except that now responsibility is spread across many shoulders. Since 2006, openness, a good instinct for people, and a keen instinct for business opportunities have been key trademarks of our agency. Tackling major challenges with relaxed professionalism and an authoritative passion – it is what we demand of every member of staff and what they give us. It is this team spirit that puts us in a position to work with the best, and for the best, time and again.

Built on reputation, stability, and excellence

  • Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
  • AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG
  • Daimler AG
  • Deutsche Post AG
  • Dr. Ing. h.c. Porsche AG
  • Fiat Group
  • Hyundai Deutschland GmbH
  • Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
  • IMG Live USA
  • Lancia Deutschland GmbH
  • Match Hospitality AG
  • Mercedes-AMG GmbH
  • Mercedes-Benz Bank AG
  • Mercedes-Benz Schweiz AG
  • Mercedes-Benz USA LLC
  • Shanghai Auditoire Marketing Strategy Company Limited
  • Sony Deutschland GmbH
  • Opel Automobile GmbH
  • Pico TBA Consulting Group Ltd
  • UBS AG
  • UniCredit Bank AG
  • Volkswagen AG